About 3D Furniture CGI

How Much Will My Project Cost?

We give estimates based on the quality & quantity of the inputs on the Furniture CGI images and, on the type, - single shot, 360 motion, room scenes, etc. required for your project. We will need more information about your inputs and what we need before we can do that. Contact us and we will quickly reply with an estimate of the time required and a suggested budget for our digital product design services.

Who Owns the Finished Design?

All our work is done under NDA Agreement. Our fees include all creative and imagery rights given to you for all designs we create specifically for your company. All assets will be included in your invoice, and all documentation will be transferred to you after closing the final invoice. Archived images and wireframes will be kept in our cloud storage in your private Archived Library for you for future use, model updates, and backups. 

Can You Do It Right Now?

YES - we have a great and growing capacity of highly trained 3D employees trained for the specific needs of your industry in our academy - IMACC, using the latest equipment and software. Normal deliveries are 5 working days for most projects from the receipt of acceptable inputs.

Drop us a message if you need more information, including our CGI rendering, 2D/3D CAD, Revit & Sketchup services.

The Process

3D Furniture CGI Process Flow

Start-up Phase => New Client Onboarding (One Time Only)

5 Working Days to set up operating procedures & input standards

Day 1 => Designer & Pd Group Submits Collection in Sketch Form

Wood finish, trim & accessories inputs given - 0 days to complete from Input

Day 5 => Sketches Transformed to 3D Furniture CGI

5 Working Days to complete the entire collection with 2 revisions

  • Buyer Reviews/Vendor Review
  • Approved/revised CGI prints can go to start marketing collateral & pre-sales prior to sampling or market

Total Days From Concept to Customer Review = 5

The 10 Reasons to use 3D Furniture CGI for Digital Marketing

  1. 3D Furniture CGI Is Cost-effective
  • As we are all looking to reduce cost & improve management without compromising quality, 3D Furniture CGI averages less than $200 per image over a project. Far less than a physical sample & photography with much more flexibility to manage.
  1. In the new digital world, speed to market & internet-friendly images are IMPORTANT!
  • From Designer concept sketches to internet ready is less than 2 weeks in all colors & all fabrics, versus months for physical samples & photography in limited variations.
  1. The Revision of Styles is much easier than for traditional photography
  • See your revisions in days, not weeks, at minimal additional cost
  1. Get your Key Customers involved!
  • 3D Furniture CGI images are easily customized & altered to meet your key clients' comments & feedback before production. It produces a client “buy-in” & involvement in the product design at little cost.
  1. Let your Designer & Marketing people go wild!
  • Allows your Product Develop/Marketing/Sales team to preview many more concepts at low cost before committing to physical samples or production.
  1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand words!
  • Having completed 3D Furniture CGI imagery for the whole team to review, including the manufacturing team to view, causes much fewer mistakes & misinterpretations of design concepts - great as a visual supplement to engineering drawings.
  1. The 3D Furniture CGI process is far less complicated than the people skill, time & work necessary to make physical samples for photography.
  • For 3D Furniture CGI, all that is needed are the designer's sketches, overall dimensions, scans of the wood finish & fabrics required.
  1. 3D Furniture CGI is easily transported to multiple users globally in minutes
  • CGI can be produced & converted easily to various high-quality formats to be used internally to manage, produce, market & sell, plus externally to clients, websites, printers, marketing & ad agencies.
  1. Build a Style Archive with Furniture CGI
  • We all know the 80/20 rule! Archive your best & repeating sellers that can easily be updated with new wood finishes, fabrics & hardware quickly & at very little cost using Furniture CGI.
  1. 3D Furniture CGI is more than still images. It opens your visual world for your products & clients! If you can think of it, we can probably reproduce it in a usable form.
  • 3D Furniture CGI works for single image shots in multiple angles, wood finishes & fabrics;
  • Cutaway & exploding views to show construction deal;
  • 360-degree views to show all sides;
  • Beautiful lifestyle room scenes without travel
  • Virtual Furniture Catalogs
  • Virtual room walk thru