About Us

Virtual Product Development

In the furniture industry, a picture is worth a thousand words for all business phases - from product development to manufacturing to marketing and sales. 

It is fascinating and significant to take your designer's creative ideas and convert them to photo-realistic 3D Furniture CGI images in DAYS rather than MONTHS.

With iSculptor, the good news is the process of 3D CGI Furniture Rendering is easy, flexible, and much more cost/time effective than using traditional protocols with physical samples and studio photography with a 90% savings in most cases. Our experienced US office with a client-dedicated account manager will guide you through the virtual product development process from start to finish.

iSculptor has its own 3D CGI Training Academy -IMACC to teach the special nuances needed for the furniture industry of natural wood grains & finishes, fabric colors matching & textures, single piece imagery, lifestyle room scenes and animation that is critical for excellent imagery for our clients. 

Creating a Digital Product Portfolio

Maximize your designer's world by opening product visuals of multiple styles in many wood types & finishes, fabrics, trims & accessories with Furniture 3D CGI. Show the 3D Furniture Renderings to your key clients for realistic feedback before committing to expensive samples and production done wrong! Then archive your 3D CGI styles in our Cloud-based Archive Library for your future use with updated finishes, fabrics, and trims - quickly and at a low cost! Always there for your easy access!

Quick to Market

In today's digital world, Speed to Market is critical to a successful company's growth and visibility. We have seen online sales growth at much faster rates than traditional channels. 3D Furniture CGI is making leading the way easier, faster, and affordable. Millennials are more likely to shop online before making a purchase decision, so you must have great images to catch their attention!